Can I put my nation on this site?

Sure. We can add individual nations to the Nations Index page. You can host your nation on your own site, or send us your map and we'll host it here. [Note: you are responsible for the appearance of your own map.]

Can you host my region here?

Only if you or someone else from your region creates all the maps. We'll add your regional rep to the contacts page as well.

Will you link to my region's map?

Yes! Just send us your link.

Can I link to the mapping project?

Yes please!

Why aren't all the regions here?

This is not an official NationStates site. Participation is voluntary and at the webmaster's discretion.

How do I find out more about JenniferGovernment:NationStates?

Follow this link to the NationStates page, and click FAQ in the left-hand sidebar.



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